The woman instrumental in exposing Hollywood's violent and misogynistic underbelly was banned from Twitter this week.

Rose McGowan, who used her Twitter account to contribute to the current narrative surrounding sexual violence in the movie industry, had it suspended in a move which has disgusted millions of women.

In support of the 44-year-old actress, women are encouraging one another to boycott the social media platform in response to Rose's suspension.

Taking to Instagram, Rose updated her followers, writing: "Twitter has suspended me. There are powerful forces at work. Be my voice".

While the actress has since been allowed to return to Twitter, that hasn't stopped high-profile figures from insisting they will not contribute to the platform today,

"Tomorrow (Friday the 13th) will be the first day in over 10 years that I won’t tweet. Join me," wrote Alyssa Milano, Rose's former co-star, in the wake of the controversy.

"Tomorrow. And maybe even forever. #WomenBoycottTwitter," added Chrissy Teigen. "No secret timeline checking, no tweets, no clicking the bluebird square. They need to see we matter."

"I'm boycotting for many reasons. To stand with the victims of sexual assault, online threats and abuse. And to boycott the fact our demented, pussy grabbing president can tweet nuclear threats of war I can't even see."

Will you be doing the same?