If you haven't yet watched the 2005 Australian horror movie Wolf Creek, then count yourself lucky. For those of us who have seen it, the film has scarred us, haunted us, and reminded us that we should never, EVER talk to strangers. 

Wolf Creek isn't your standard horror. Yes, it's tremendously gory, yes, it's frightening, but there's something else about this flick that leaves our skin crawling.

Maybe it's because it's not set in a sorority house? Maybe it's because the characters don't invite horror upon themselves with macho 'bring it on!' chants in an attempt to call the killer's bluff? Or maybe it's because the situation is so normal and the characters so relatable that we feel an extra sense of unease throughout the entire movie.

Ladies, this film is exactly why our parents would rather we went to Bundoran with them than off gallivanting around the globe with our friends.

Here are just a few reasons why this film left us oh-so-very cold.

1) The first thirty minutes or so could be an advertisement for why travel is amazing. Hell, we forgot we were watching a horror and wanted to join Ben, Kristy and Liz on their wild adventure.


2) The girls were the exact type of girls we would have gravitated towards on a trip away. Astute, fun and smart; these doomed girls were US!


3) The sudden unease that descended around the campfire was almost palpable when the three friends realised there might be more to Mick Taylor, the man who has offered to help, than meets the eye.


4) Seeing the agonising scenes from Liz's perspective as we watched her friend be subjected to untold brutality at the hands of the man they had trusted.


5) Mick Taylor's laugh will haunt our dreams for the rest of our adult life.


Never, ever again.