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Have a seat, Vince Vaughn, because Barack Obama just became the coolest wedding crasher of all time. 

When Stephanie and Brian (who chose not to reveal their last name to the press) picked a date and location for their wedding, they had no idea it would bring them close to a certain world leader.

The could told ABC2 that they were aware the president would be golfing in the San Diego region where they were planning their ceremony, but they never thought they would actually cross paths. 

Stephanie and Brian married at the Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla and assumed the president was golfing at another location, but then they spotted the secret service and realised he was closer than they thought. 

The final putt of President Obama's golf game was positioned right behind their wedding alter and when he finished his game, he walked up to the wedding party and started shaking hands with excited guests. 

Stephanie was hidden away in her bridal suite as she was just moments away from walking down the aisle, but when she saw who was outside her window, she made a dash to get his attention. Running out onto the golf course in her heels and dress (followed closely by Brian), she caught up with the president. 

"I was just hoping that they'd notice my wedding dress," she said.​​ ​"And it would just be the last chance….You don't get this chance very often so why not just go for it." 

Stephanie said she was in tears running while all of her guests cheered her on. When President Obama finally met up with the couple, he congratulated the newly weds and shook their hands, while also offering the groom some advice.

"He saw my foot on the train of the wedding dress and he said, 'Oops can't put your foot on the wedding dress there.' Little piece of advice, pretty funny," Brian said.​

Obviously, the president couldn't stay for the whole wedding but he sure did make their day even more memorable. 

Stephanie and Brian's wedding photographer managed to capture amazing shots of the special moments, over on their blog. 



This wedding crasher made an entrance to remember on a bride and groom’s big day.

The giant sea turtle showed up at the beach wedding in the middle of the ceremony taking some, if not all of, the attention away from the bride!

But this wasn’t just any old sea turtle.

She’s a leatherback – the largest living breed of turtles on earth!

The guests at the wedding, on the US Virgin Island of St Croix, witnessed a super cool moment, when the turtle laid her eggs!

Can you imagine the size of the babies!