From high heel contouring to using fidget spinners as hair curlers, we thought we had seen it all when it came to wacky beauty tricks. 

However, we were clearly mistaken, as became evident when we saw the latest video shared by Huda Beauty. 

The now viral video comes from MUA Veronica Rose, who has been using a particularly slimy ingredient in her beauty regimen – snails.


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Yes you read that right. 

You might be thinking that beauty gurus would use any old prop to get clicks and views on their videos, and we're not surprised that you're sceptical. 

But Veronica specifically declares in her video that 'this is not click bait.'

'It is said that snail slime can help reduce wrinkles, clear up acne, reduce pigmentation, and scarring.'

'Snail slime has recently been heralded by cosmetic firms as a useful beauty ingredient.'


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'Several upmarket facial creams now include the shelled slug’s mucus.'

'Try at your own risk! I've always loved snails as a little girl so they don't gross me out.'

While we may have been a fan of playing with garden snails when we were five, we'll have to pass on this slimy beauty ingredient…