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In news that's disappointing but unfortunately not all that surprising, a study has found that in mainstream publishing, books by female authors are, on average, priced 45 percent lower than those by men.

The PLOS-published paper analysed over two million book titles published in North America from 2002 to 2012, and looked gender discrimination within both indie and traditional publishing.

The authors, mathematician Adam Kapelner and sociologist Dana Beth Weinberg of Queens College-CUNY, observed that genres dominated by women were valued less by publishers.

For example, more women write in the romance genre than men, and these books tend to be priced lower than genres with mostly male authors.

As well, even within genres the team found inequality. Women's books were priced 9 percent lower within genres in traditional publishing. Self-published books by women were priced 4 percent lower than self-published titles by male authors.

“Without the publishers, we see slightly less discrimination, but it’s still apparent, and it follows the same patterns,” Weinberg told The Guardian.

“The easy answer would be that publishing companies are sexist, but the indie findings challenge that simple explanation. The findings point to the strength of shared social contexts." 

Weinberg explained that self-published authors probably harbour some of the same 'unconscious biases' as traditional publishers regarding what genres are suitable for authors of either gender, and the value assigned to these genres.

These indie authors could be 'mimicking what they see in the traditional publishing world' as far as pricing goes, Weinberg noted.

"In addition, both traditional publishers and indie authors are creating and reacting to markets for their work, or to their perceptions of those markets, and placing and pricing their titles accordingly," she said.

While the study's findings are disheartening, we hope they lead to positive change in the publishing world.

Female authors deserve to have their work properly valued.


Kylie Jenner is celebrating her 20th birthday today with some pretty amazing news. 

Kylie and Kris Jenner revealed to Women's Wear Daily exactly how much the expansive Kylie Cosmetics empire is actually worth, and the figure is jaw dropping. 

According to the duo, Kylie Cosmetics has amassed $420 million in retail sales since it launched 18 months ago. No big deal. 


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Kylie first tested the theory of Kylie Lip Kits back in November 2015, and what began as an experimental dip into the world of beauty has become a bona fide business for the 20-year-old. 

The company is on track to become a billion dollar business, with WWD estimating that Kylie Cosmetics will make another $386 million in retail sales in 2017.

With her limited edition collections selling out in seconds, and her permanent makeup pieces consistently selling well, it's no wonder Kylie is quite literally rolling on it thanks to her cosmetics concept. 


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It seems the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan can do no wrong when it comes to the world of beauty. 

All of her beauty experiments, from lip kits, to loose highlighters to eye shadow palettes sell out. 

While we're sure momager Kris has had a hand in guiding her daughter's business venture, this is more than impressive.