It's a well known thing that many Irish people enjoy their steak 'well done'.

It basically has to be black and crispy in order for us to enjoy it.

Well, apparently more than half of us are eating undercooked burgers, and we're kinda surprised.

According to a study carried out by Safefood, 51 per cent of us are eating burgers in restaurants that aren't fully cooked.

Food on Plates on Table

However, consumers want the burgers to be uncooked – for a number of reasons.

Factors range from taste to confidence in the food preparation, so it's safe to say we've officially moved on from burnt-to-a-crisp food.

Saying that, 65 per cent of the respondents said that they would reconsider their choice if they knew there was a risk of food poisoning.

Dr Gary Kearney of Safefood said: "The only way to ensure that any bacteria in the middle of the burger is killed off is to ensure that the burger is cooked well done.”

Safefood is currently campaigning to educate people on the dangers of contracting serious illnesses from undercooked meat.

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The biggest worry is a type of E. coli called VTEC.

"About 1 in 10 people who get VTEC will develop severe complications affecting the blood and kidneys. The biggest risk is to children and older people.

"If there is VTEC in the middle of your burger, only proper cooking will kill it.

"If your burger is not well cooked in the middle you are taking a big risk,” Dr Gary added.

So, be careful next time you chomp down on a juicy burger!