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While there has been much criticism of Insta-famous models in recent months, it’s becoming increasingly obvious why big brands are opting for girls with strong social media followings over those who do not.

In the month since TommyXGigi first hit the runway, almost half of the nautical themed collection has sold out.

And – according to the New York Post – Gigi Hadid has helped bring thousands of new customers to Tommy Hilfiger with her capsule collection.

Interestingly, the styles which are no longer available are not simply the cheapest items in the collection as a €299 Cotton Band Jacket is among the sold-out pieces.


Look 1 #tommyxgigi @tommyhilfiger F/W 2016

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So, if you've been lusting after something from TommyXGigi, it might be best to buy it sooner rather than later.


Tommy Hilfiger is one of those brands which seems to have been around forever.  But just because the label has long been embedded in fashion history, doesn't mean it's not still eager to explore new ground.

In a bold new move the American clothing giant has announced the launch of its first ever in-season fashion show which will be broadcast live across its website and various social media channels from New York City this Friday.

And – thanks to the use of a handy little thing called live streaming – everything in the collection will be available for purchase on tommy.com as soon as it hits the runway, making the Fall 2016 designs instantly accessible to those attending the event and those watching it from the comfort of their own homes.


You all know the boss man! @thomasjhilfiger, can't thank you enough for everything! xG #tommyxgigi

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Model of the moment and Hilfiger favourite Gigi Hadid will be opening the show wearing a look from the TommyXGigi collection – a range which Gigi herself played a hand in designing.

And in keeping with Tommy’s vision to make fashion more experiential, #TOMMYNOW will run across two days with the fashion show taking place on Friday September 9 and a fairground-themed event being opened to the public the following day.



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Given that the majority of New York Fashion Week’s shows are only accessible to those within the industry – and that the latest Hilfiger collection promises to be both instantly available and wearable – we think the #TOMMYNOW event will be well worth a watch.