Next time you feel like quoting one of Taylor Swift's songs, think again, as the singer has reportedly made plans to trademark key lyrics from her most recent album.

Among the trademarked phrases are “This Sick Beat”, “Party Like It’s 1989″, “Cause We Never Go Out of Style” and “Nice To Meet You. Where You Been?," according to documents obtained from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The plan is to prohibit those phrases from appearing on unofficial merchandise of any kind without al trademark symbol. Any we mean ANY kind. The list stretches from predictable items… like t-shirts and mugs, to more obscure things… like typewriters and walking sticks.

So if you were planning on making your Granddad a Shake It Off-themed present for next Christmas, well it had better not be a walking stick!

As is to be expected, the Twittersphere was outraged by the allegations, saying it was just a step too far by the singer:

As Taylor is currently sunning herself in Hawaii with the Haim sisters, we reckon this latest move was spearheaded by her "people" rather than the singer herself… but still, it's not a great PR move!