We haven’t much from Matt Damon in a while. Probably because the 44-year old movie star has been busy working on his new movie The Great Wall.

Matt was on hand to discuss his new film role today and while doing so, he debuted a new look.

Matt is now sporting his very own pony tail.

Not willing to battle it out with our Instagram favourite Brock then?

Nope. Matt seems pretty content to be sporting his new pony. We’re assuming the longer than usual hair style is for a movie role.

Considering Matt lives in a house of five females, he’s probably got some pretty good experience with both the bun and the pony tail style. We’re excited about this fashion evolution.

Now that his good friend Ben Affleck is moving out of his home following his divorce from wife of 10 years Jennifer Garner, the duo can spend some time working on the man braid?

The internet is having a tough time digesting this latest piece of sartorial news.

Matt was joined at the press conference by Chinese actress Jing Tian and director Zhang Yimou along with his co-stars Andy Lau and Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal.

The Great Wall is set to be one the highest-budget films ever in China. We’re curious if part of that has to do with the added funds needed for Matt’s hair stylists.

At the conference Matt seemed pretty excited about his new role saying "this is the biggest movie I’ve ever been involved with."

Matt was also insistent that the cast had no issues with the language barriers while creating the film telling reporters “It's the same discipline and it moves across cultures and languages pretty easily.”