The King of the Man Bun wants to meet you

Meet Brock. Brock O’Hurn is a 23-year old personal trainer who lives in California. You may remember him as one of the people we classified as ‘doing Instagram the right way’, because he does.


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His family's original name is O'Hearn, he chose O'Hurn to be closer to his Irish roots. We think he should come and visit, just to get really close to those roots.

Thanks to his Instagram page, which now has close to 1 million followers, this six foot seven real life Thor has become an internet sensation.


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After posting a video clip on the social media site in November which featured his fabulous flowing locks, Brock has become ‘King of the Man Bun’. A well-deserved title we think.

The 25-second clip has managed to get almost 5 million views on Facebook since it was posted. Impressive, just like those abs.

In light of Man Bun Monday and No Shave November. Lets do itVia Instagram @Brockohurn

Posted by Brock O'Hurn on Monday, 3 November 2014

The video is captioned, “In light of Man Bun Monday and No Shave November. Lets do it”. Brock then pulls those famous locks into the perfect messy top knot before giving the camera (and the whole internet) a sexy little nod and making the final touches to his hair. And then the whole of the inter webs swooned, hard.


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While the personal trainer moved to L.A with dreams of becoming an actor, he has taken his social media fame and used it to help earn some serious cash. He’s often spotted in his snaps promoting the detox tea MateFit, and Jason Stein, found of social media agency Laundry Service told Buzzfeed her could make up to €27,000 per sponsored posts.

As well as looking to have an impressive career in his future, Brock is also passionate about treating women with the love and respect they deserve.

“I’m very old-school in a sense that I am that guy who will open the door 100 per cent of the time… I won’t let you pay on a date. And like when we’re walking down the sidewalk, you’re on the inside no matter what. That’s just how I am.”

He is also 100% percent single. To California we go!