If someone told you by wearing a vest full of ice you would lose 500 calories a day, would you believe them? Em… Probably not.

But if NASA told you it's a completely different story, right? Well, an ice-packed vest has been developed by a NASA scientist, who claims exposure to cold is an effective way of burning excess calories.

Worn OVER a shirt, The Cold Shoulder, sits across the back and shoulders and is designed to be stored in the freezer. Users only wear it if they are sitting in a comfortable temperature, and NOT exercising.

Dr. wayne Hayes invented the new contraption and reports that the waistcoat extracts heat from your body, and in turn, you will lose more calories by trying to stay warm.

“The goal of The Cold Shoulder is to force you to burn calories at a time when you otherwise would not: sitting down, at rest, in a comfortable environment at room temperature.

"Scientists have spent decades studying how mild cold exposure can enhance calorie burn and the evidence has been accumulating,” Dr Hayes tells the Telegraph.

He is now trying to raise money on Kickstarter in order to bring the product to a wider audience and get the first batch of waistcoats into production.

Right now, the project has raised almost €85,000 since going live last week. Dr Hayes initially hoped to raise just €12,000, so it seems The Cold Shoulder could be on its way to us soon.