So, if you've ever camped at a music festival you'll be familiar with the farcical struggle of trying to find your tent at 3:00am.

You try your best to remember the directions you made up only hours ago, but alas, the sea of green and blue nylon is just too vast.

Left at the green gazebo, right at the group of lads who haven't ventured into the arena all weekend, and straight on till morning.

Well, this problem may well be a thing of the past.

Tent Finder is a new app that lets you mark where you pitch your tent using GPS and save the location as a pin on your phone map.

The genius app was created by outdoors company Boutique Camping, and also lets you pin other handy locations such as your mate's tent, the cleanest toilets and your favourite ice-cream stall.

It also includes a compass, which would probably be handy for those of you who actually know what to do with a compass (not us though).

Tent Finder is only available for iPhone at the moment, but it is hoped that the company will develop an Android version in the near.