Danielle Brooks, who is best known for playing the ever effervescent Taystee on Orange is the New Black, has divided Twitter with a post about flying first-class.

Taking to social media last night, the 26-year-old actress expressed her disappointment with airport staff who appear surprised by the fact she would be flying first class.

Outlining her irritation for her followers, she wrote: "I hate when gate agents look at me like I've never flown first class and say "You're in first class, lucky you! really tho."

And while the tweet was liked more than 2,000 times, some Twitter users struggled to understand Danielle's perspective on the issue.

"Have some humility. Not everyone knows who you are," wrote one Twitter user while another tweeted: "There are people who have to be offended by something so they find anything. You are one of those people."

Stunned that some individuals seemed incapable of acknowledging the possible motivation for the agents' surprise, a fan of the actress wrote: "Spoken like a tru white dude. Do u think white people get astonishment and 'lucky you' comments when flying 1º class?" (sic)

"Say man, I suggest u stop telling black folks how they should feel about certain things," wrote another. "Ur not qualified to do so." (sic)

Debate raged beneath Danielle's post with some Twitter users insisting that the actress was reading too much into the comment while others maintained that 'casual racism' shouldn't be ignored.