We all have bad days, they're unavoidable.

We come home after a particularly long day, and all we want to do is climb into the bed and relax.

This article will give our readers tips on how they can truly unwind after a day on the grind (hey look, a mini poem!).

From breathing exercises, to simply sticking the kettle on and milling into a packet of digestives. We all need an way to relax.

5. Mini-yoga

While exercise may not be the most desirable activity to take on as soon as we get in the door, taking the time to complete some yoga moves can combat stress and help increase your fitness and flexibility. 

Shake out the exercise mat and pop on a quick, relaxing yoga tutorial on YouTube. 

Even if you just manage 20 minutes of gentle stretching, prepare to feel more mindful and peaceful. 

4. Pet ALL the animals

So it is actually scientifically proven that spending time with animals relieves stress, and calms the soul – and we're so down. 

If you're lucky enough to have a cat or dog (or any sort of furry friend), hold them close and cuddle them.

You'll find yourself unwinding by the second… pure bliss. 

3. Try baking (no seriously)

You may or may not be any use at it, but baking is a fantastic way to relax and settle the mind. 

There is something very therapeutic about following instructions, mixing them all together and watching the finished product come out of the oven.

2. Get into your bed 

Genuinely, there is just no better feeling than climbing into bed after a lengthy day of sending emails, pointless meetings and generally working our butts off. 

To be honest, we'd actually take a new pair of PJs and some Netflix in bed over a night on the town every.single.time! 

Curl up with your hot water bottle, and relax.

1. A cup of tea and a chat 

Possibly the best (and most simple) way to unwind on this marvellous list – sure just stick the kettle on. 

There's nothing better than pouring yourself a nice cuppa, cracking open a packet of chocolate digestives and having a little pause.