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Smartphones can be dangerous tools, as Marc Jacobs learnt to his detriment last night,

The acclaimed designer pretty much lived out our nightmare when he accidentally posted a seriously NSFW nude selfie to Instagram.

He deleted the post moments later, but as is always the way on the internet, a few eagle-eyed fans quickly spotted his slip-up and made a copy of the picture. Marc's photo, showing himself standing naked in front of a mirror with the caption, "It's yours to try" was obviously meant for private eyes, but of course it has now gone viral for the world to see. 


If there was any doubt as to whether the man shown in the photo was Marc himself, this recent selfie showing Marc with the same ring and phone just about confirms it:

Like a true professional, the designer quickly moved on to other topics on Instagram after his mix-up, sharing two gorgeous new campaign photos for his label, one featuring Sophia Coppola and one with Emily Ratajkowski.

Rather than ignore his error completely, the 52-year-old did jokingly address it by referring to Sophia's photo as "This next photo I am 'leaking.'"

What a night for poor Marc… we bet that's the last selfie he takes for a while.



It’s hard to imagine The Little Mermaid’s Ariel as anything other than the sweet, red-haired beauty she is.

However, when Sofia Coppola gets her hands on the Disney character, we might have a Hipster mermaid frolicking under the sea in an ‘ironic’ fashion instead.

The Indie director is set to bring a live-action version of The Little Mermaid to the big screen, and if her previous movies are any indication, we don’t think this will be anything like the 1989 Disney musical.

Considering Coppola’s super-hip approach to her films, which include Lost in Translation and most recently The Bling Ring, we might have a little mermaid who wishes she had legs, just so she can don a pair of skinny jeans.