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Well this is totally out of the blue!

Niall Horan has unexpectedly released his first solo song today – and it's a good one!

Earlier this afternoon, Radio Disney tweeted and then deleted a message, writing: "Surprise! Listen to Radio Disney RIGHT NOW to hear @NiallOfficial's brand new song #ThisTown! And stay tuned to hear from Niall!"

Obviously, this sent fans into a frenzie because there has been absolutely no mention of it until today, but alas, HERE IT IS.

It's a love song, and a pretty good one at that. Be ready to fall in love with Niall Horan all over again.



When One Direction split, Niall Horan went down a road we didn't expect.

We all knew he had a keen interest in golf, but the Mullingar man went on to open a golf management company, Modest!, and it's been doing pretty well so far.

But then rumours started to spark that he was going to go down to solo musician route… and it looks like his first song is coming out… today?!

In a now-deleted tweet, Radio Disney wrote: "Surprise! Listen to Radio Disney RIGHT NOW to hear @NiallOfficial's brand new song #ThisTown! And stay tuned to hear from Niall!"

Fans have also pointed out that the singer now has a new, verified Spotify page, which again suggests he's gearing up for a debut solo album.

It's unclear whether the tweet was intentional or not, and nobody has confirmed if the tune will indeed be released today.

Keep your eyes PEELED.