If you’re living in a tiny apartment or bedsit, it doesn’t mean you can’t get creative when doing some decorating.

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your small space, after all, we all know size isn’t important!

Before you start decorating, it is essential that you de-clutter. Get rid of everything you don’t use or absolutely adore. This will allow you more space to showcase your most prized possessions.

The number one problem when you’re living in a small apartment is finding somewhere to store all your stuff. A bed or couch with storage underneath can be a life saver for the bedroom. In the kitchen area you can play around with ideas, such as using a peg board to hang utensils on. Walls are generally empty spaces so you should use them to your advantage. Look on Pinterest for some creative DIY options, such as using a magnet on your kitchen wall to hold cutlery!

Mirrors create the illusion of more space, so if you’re feeling slightly claustrophobic, a mirror could do just the trick. Personalise it with some photos or flowers to add your own feel to the place.

Just because your home is small, doesn’t mean it can’t be filled with character. Accessorise with photos, paintings, cushions, rugs and throws to put your stamp on the space.