Sex lives are completely private and personal – so of course being the nosy people that we are, we wanted to find out how you can tell if a couple is having frequent frisky sessions behind closed doors. 

Apparently, one way to tell if a couple is having an amazing sex life is to assess their sleeping position. 

If you're in a couple and you sleep facing your partner with your legs intertwined, then congratulations, you're more likely to be having the best sex life.

According to a survey which queried 1000 people in relationships, spooning is a close second to lying intertwined. 

Spooning was one of the most popular sleeping positions for new couples, but it saw a sharp decline as the relationship length continued – with only 6pc of couples who were together for 30 years or more still spooning on the regular. 

The data also suggested that the longer couples stay together, the more they prefer a bit of space in the bed while sleeping. 

For women, playing the part of the big spoon was their least favourite sleeping position. 

For the boys, lying on their back with their partner lying on them, also on their back, was their least enjoyed.

So we guess if your partner is complaining of a dead arm from you sleeping on it, perhaps suggest sleeping face to face, limbs entwined?