Kendall Jenner never shies away from talking about her struggles with bad skin and acne.

She has told magazines and website numerous times that it "ruined" her self-esteem, made school really difficult and destroyed her confidence.

When she was in her late teens she began treatment with Laser Genisis, which started to clear her skin up.

But in a turn of events, a skin care company, Cutera, realised that laser treatment was the way Kendall rejuvenated her skin, so they decided to use her face and name in their advertisements – without asking the reality star's permission.

TMZ reports that Kendall is quoted in their campaigns, saying that Cutera gave her "nearly perfect skin," even though it didn't.

Kendall is one of the biggest models in the industry at the moment, and she is paid "well into 8 figures" for being featured in campaigns, so that's what her lawyers have decided to sue Cutera for.

Because Cutera used her image and applied it to their ads without her even being aware of it, Kendall's lawyer believes that the company could owe her up to $10 million (€8.8m).

"The right to associate Kendall Jenner's name and likeness in connection with a product or service belongs solely to Kendall Jenner and is protected by federal and state law. Today's lawsuit by Ms. Jenner against Cutera, Inc., for the unauthorized use of Ms. Jenner's name and likeness to promote its product should serve notice that Ms. Jenner will vigorously defend her rights under the law," says Todd Wilson, Kendall's lawyer.