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If you've been to an Adele concert this year (lucky you) then you'll know that at the end, cannons of confetti explode all over the stadium with little notes written by Adele herself.

They either say things like, "everybody loves the things you do," and "we could of had it all," to cute, "thanks for coming xo," messages on white paper.

They add a special touch to her gigs, however when she was in Nashville this week, a few pink pieces of paper fell down.

The concert in Nashville was on the same day that marked Adele's five year anniversary with her partner Simon Konecki, and he was the genius behind adding in the little pink notes.

He wrote swoon-worthy things like, "you are an angel," "I love you," "Happy anniversary," and "love you long time," on them.

Aw lads, what a boyfriend to have!



We all know that Simon is trying to give the X Factor back some life, and the tried and tested faces are hoped to bring the show back to what it was.

Yesterday, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell all posed together again, sitting at the iconic audition desk. Hurrah!

Louis, who quit the show in 2015, looks only delighted to be back in action, while Sharon and Nicole look ready for action.

We'll be happy to see them back on our TV screen!



The X Factor 2014 judges have learnt of their fate as they've been told which categories they'll be mentoring when the show hits our screens!

Cheryl Cole looked nervous as she awaited the big decision on Friday night but she needn't have worried as she's bagged her favourite category – the girls!

Cheryl is said to be absolutely thrilled with the result!

The newlywed is already confident she's got this year's winner in her group and has apparently vowed to make it her mission to win. 

We don't doubt you Cheryl!

Simon has been landed with his least favourite category – the over-25s. Poor Simon…*snigger. 

That leaves Louis handling the groups in the hope he can find next One Direction, while Mel B will be mentoring about the boys.

Bring it on!