When we think of selection boxes, the confectionery-filled kind springs to mind.

Durex has come up with a whole new concept for the term, with its new festive Sexlection box hitting Superdrug just in time for the holidays.

Unfortunately, you won't find any edible treats in this box of tricks.

Instead of Curly-wurlys and Crunchies, Durex's festive treat is full of "intimate items," including condoms, orgasm-enhancing lubricant and a vibrator. 

The sex-positive Christmas gift is confusing Twitter users, who are bemused by its existence. 

"The new Durex 'sexlection' box takes the innocence out of the chocolate selection boxes I've had every year," said one.

Others have pointed out that the box seems "inappropriate," as a selection box is usually considered a gift from children.

"I find your Selection Box idea to be in bad taste…it looks like it should appeal to kids…not appropriate, I think. Not chocolate," said one disgruntled tweeter.