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We all know the fear of checking in to your flight and finding yourself in the middle seat stuffed between strangers.

Or worse, sitting right next to the engine on a long haul flight, with the dulcet roaring of the machinery ensuring that you don't get a wink of sleep.

You can always choose to pay that tiny bit extra to get the seat of your choice, but how do you know which seat is the best for you?


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July is the busiest month for sun-seekers, with Dublin Airport recording its busiest period ever last July when almost 3 million passengers passed through the airport.

Travel search engine KAYAK.ie has done a bit of research on the best plane seats, so depending on your choice of airbus, there are a few great seats up for grabs.

The Airbus A320, used by Aer Lingus for short haul journeys, has one seat we should all be clamouring for.

Seat A1 is secretly known as the best seat thanks to the extra legroom, but it's also the quietest seat on the plane.

There is a significant distance between yourself and the roaring plane engines, so as well as disembarking quickly, it's nice and quiet for some shut-eye.


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The only downfall is that it can get a bit chilly at the front of the flight, so bring a jumper for warmth.

If you don't manage to wangle A1, aim for rows 1 – 10 for the quietest seats.

Rows 1, 12 and 13 are also your best choices for a bit of extra legroom.

When it comes to the worst seats to avoid, rows 29 and 30 are the seats receiving the most complaints from disgruntled passengers.

The reasons cited are less legroom, limited reclining space and close proximity to both the toilets and crew galley.

If you're a fan of having  strong Instagram snap from the plane window, there are a few seats to avoid as well. 

Steer clear of seats 10A – 12A and 10F – 12F, as these seats offer the poorest window view.


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In the Boeing 777 aircrafts commonly used by Emirates or Delta, seats in rows 44 and 45 are the least desirable with similar complaints.

Seats at the back of the plane are proven to have the most leg room, so tall people take note. 

We know which seats we'll be angling for…


This train is amazing! We don’t know about you, but a pet hate of ours is sitting backwards on a train journey for hours on end. This Japanese train automatically twirls the seats around so that they ALL face forward, everytime!