Apparently, Colin Farrell feels pathetic for crying when he watched his latest flick Saving Mr. Banks. In our opinion, he has no reason to feel ashamed – it just makes us love him even more.

Colin spilled the beans when BBC’s Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw admitted that he had cried when he saw the film The extremely handsome actor blamed his emotions on Emma Thompson’s acting, saying: “[She] just rips you from one side of the room to the other emotionally; there’s something particularly raw about what she does in this.”

The dad-of-two, who has worked alongside huge stars like Tom Cruise, Jeff Bridges and Angelina Jolie, confesses that he wished he could have worked with Emma on set.

Unfortunately, the Castleknock born star never got the chance as he doesn’t actually share a scene with the British actress.

“I wish I had worked with Emma man, I wish. We had dinner together and hung out a little bit, she’s wicked. So funny, clever and kind. An amazing woman; I adore her.”

We’re sure the 54-year-old would have loved to work alongside Colin. We know we would.