It's the end of an era.

Sam Thompson, Little Sammy T, is bidding farewell to Made in Chelsea

At this rate he's one of the only cast members that most of recognise (the f*ck is Habbs?)

Anyway, the 26-year-old has had enough of the scripted, awkward-silences, champagne-scoffing shenanigans and we can't blame him tbh.

His reason?


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He's struggling with his split from on-screen GF Sophie Habboo.

He told Heart London Breakfast that he felt his time on the show had come to a natural end after copping the obvious – that the majority of the cast were mates with his ex and that his own friends had moved on.

He said, ''The split is why I kind of left in the first place. You don't want to be around your ex. Everyone on there is now more her friend and a lot of my friends have upped and left.''

He continued, ''I get a lot of things wrong, and I think to learn, evolve and grow as a human you have to make mistakes but when you're doing it on TV, people are judgey. It'll be nice not to have that level of scrutiny.''

He added, ''Getting dumped all the time was chipping away at my confidence."

He went on to say that filming MIC takes a lot of work and in the seven years that he's been on it, he sure has given us some memorable moments.


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Remember him trying it on with…eh, literally almost everyone at some point?

His ill-fated romance with Tiffany Watson aka moaniest woman on the planet?

His incessant ''maaaaaate'' and clapping Jamie on the back every few seconds?

He said, ''I grew up on that show. I joined when I was 19, I'm 26 now. The door is not shut, but I don't see myself going back in the near future.''

He continued, ''I haven't had time to sit down and think about it. I think I'll be back at some point, so I'm not too sad."

If you miss him fear not, he's over on Celebs Go Dating saying ''maaaate'' every few seconds and being cringey at chatting up girls – sure it's MIC without the posh accents.