She may be one of the most glamorous celebs on TV at the moment, but that didn't stop the cameras spotting Cheryl's dodgy hair extensions. 

The X Factor judge was in high spirits as she joined her act Reggie N Bollie in their hometown of Farnborough today, dancing along the streets and swooshing her hair up in the air. 

But one unfortunate swoosh saw clip-in extensions hanging on to the sides of her head. Oops!

We can all admit we've been there, especially if you wore extensions back in the teen disco days. #BadChoices. 

But apart for her hair blunder, the singer was looking as chic as ever, kitted out in a grey belted jacket and suede thigh-high boots. 

Cheryl's duo were back in their hometown to celebrate being voted into the final of The X Factor, and they clearly couldn't be happier. 

The grateful pair told ITV: 'If we make the final, I think the two of us will aim to be motivational speakers because it’s like a one in a million chance for artists like us to make it to the final.