Fearne Cotton sang Ireland's praises in the latest issue of Red magazine, but she made a pretty embarrassing error along the way.

The magazine was forced to apologise today after some Irish readers noticed that Fearne repeatedly referred to Ireland as being part of the UK.

The TV presenter is obviously a bit out of date with Irish geography and politics, and happily chatted to the magazine about her "UK" Easter break to the house she owns in Kildare.

Speaking about where she spent the holiday, Fearne said she was "[i]n the middle of nowhere, just outside Dublin, with friends and family, adding that a "UK break is great at Easter because we can jump in my Land Rover and drive there."

It seems that crossing the Irish Sea by ferry wasn't enough of a hint for Fearne, who made the same mistake again elsewhere in the article. "Wellies are essential. You never know in the UK…" she wrote.

Twitter users spotted the error and were quick to express their annoyance:

Although the BBC Radio 1 presenter did not address the slip-up herself, Red did post a public apology themselves, writing, "Ladies, we promise we passed our geography O'Level, but we slipped up this time. Sorry!"

Better check a map next time, Fearne…