Fancy increasing your fitness levels while fighting against plastic waste pollution? 

Then do we have good news for you. 

For those conscious about getting their steps in and saving the environment, plogging is the upcoming exercise trend taking Europe by storm. 

Originating in Sweden, the concept involves going jogging and pickup up and plastic-based litter you see along the way, and then disposing of them resposibly. 

Bonus points if you find a plastic shopping bag on your run and fill that up on your route. 

Plogging is a combination of two words – jogging and the Swedish 'plocka upp', meaning 'pick up.'


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'Essentially plogging encourages people to pick up rubbish whilst out walking/jogging/running or walking their dogs,' creator of the Plogging Ireland Facebook page Steven Moody penned in one of the pages' first posts. 

The page has garnered over 300 followers since it was started. 

'As a runner this really appeals to me as I am lucky to have some stunning scenery on my doorstep but it saddens me to see it strewn with litter – so rather than be disheartened – I choose to be part of the solution.'


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'On your next walk/jog/run … join me and pick up a couple of pieces of rubbish and bin them on the way … every little counts and you get the benefit of exercise and knowing you are doing something good for the environment – who is with me?' 

According to the page, if 200 people 'plogged' every day, the action would take 62,000 pieces of plastic off Irish roads in a year. 

Excuse us, we have a litter picker to source…