You may have heard of Bang Bang Cafe in Phibsborough as the place is famous for its iconic brunch burger.

Now, the cafe is making more than a culinary gesture to the community.

In a recent Facebook post, the D7 cafe shared a snap of a 'pick me up pack,' free to anyone who needs it. 

'It's a dignity pack (a backpack with things in it) that people finding things tough, living homeless, or in some other difficultly may find useful,' reads the post.

'It's got dry high energy foods, socks, toiletries, water, towels, clean wipes, a hat and gloves and some other things.'

'They were put together by a wonderful young girl to help people in the city and her plan is to take her @Dignity Packs Ireland nationwide, when she has finished her Leaving Cert.'


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The pick me up pack is an impactful way for businesses or individuals to help the homeless or struggling members of their communities.

Major kudos to Bang Bang for contributing so positively to their area, and may many local businesses follow suit.