This is some SERIOUS Tay-Tay devotion!

We have all seen photos from Taylor’s concert in Philadelphia on Friday, when fans were surprised when BFF Cara Delevingne got up on stage.

But, what the crowds didn’t know was that just before the concert began, Taylor’s biggest fan of all was outside in the carpark getting hitched.

Oh yes, the engaged couple decided to dress up, gown and all, and say their “I do’s” while celebrating Taylor coming to town.

In an Instagram post, the blushing bride, Katy Harris, explained her love for both her fiancé, and of course, Taylor.



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“If you know anything about me, it’s probably how I have been obsessed with Taylor since I first heard her in 2006,” Ms. Harris wrote.

“Chris has been very supportive and could even put most girls to shame going word for word on any of her albums (including deluxe editions).”

As if any more of Katy’s dreams couldn’t come true – the newlyweds were then invited back stage to meet the star herself.



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The 25-year-old Shake it Off singer saw their Instagram post, and made their day by meeting them and giving the bride a big ole’ hug.

The new bride gushed over how it was the best day of her life saying, “Last night was a dream sequence.”

She continued, “Instagram, meet my new husband Chris and our new friend Taylor!!!!!! I have no words to express last night!! My two dreams came true!!!”

A big congrats to the newlyweds. This sounds like one hell of a… ehem, love story