Some people just don't like coffee, simple as that. But when the rest of the world resort to it for an energy boost, it can be difficult to find another solution to kickstart your body into action. 

And even if you do like coffee, chugging too much of it can sometimes worsen fatigue. So, before you pop the kettle back on (again), try these natural energy boosters to get that buzz back into your system:

1. Hydrate

If you're feeling a bit sluggish, it's probably down to dehydration. Instead of reaching for coffee or a sugary snack, chug down some H2O. 

It'll perk you up without all that nasty sugar. But make sure to keep hydrating until bed time, then you'll really notice the difference. 


2. Move around

You knew this was coming! But it's true that a little physical activity really gives your mind a jolt.

Moving requires you to be a lot more alert than when you're sitting, so even just walking around your office for five minutes will do the job. 


3. Peppermint essential oil

This is an easy way to stimulate your mind and increase your focus. Have a little bottle at your desk and smell it whenever you need a kick.

Dabbing some on your wrist also works wonders for when you're lagging in energy.


4. Citrus fruits

A great way to put your mind and body into action is to chomp down on some citrus fruits in the morning. 

Another alternative is to squeeze some lemon or lime juice into your water when you first wake up – it might be even better than coffee!


5. High-energy snacks

Oatmeal, celery and dark chocolate (yes!) are great snacks to get your body moving. And just a couple of bites of chocolate increases blood flow to the brain.