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Most of the time, relationships and excess alcohol consumption do not go hand-in-hand. If you’ve ever had to sit through a blazing, gin-fuelled row between your friend and her boyfriend you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

So, when the time for The 12 Pubs of Christmas rolls around, the idea that a row between yourself and your own boyfriend somewhere between the 1st and 12th pub certainly isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Someone will have seven G&T’s too many (you) and someone else will think that spilling a pint on your new bag isn’t a cause for tears (him), all of which lead to a furious, face-melting row under the Christmas lights, in front of the pub and beside the other rowing couple.

Here are the 12 stages of 12 pubs with your beloved.

Pub 1: Nerves

Remember what happened last year when his Guinness met your new jeans in the 1st pub and his mate tried to score your mate?

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.

Pub 2: Concern

Dear God, maybe this really is the biggest mistake of all time considering how YOU get after five wines and how HE gets when his Christmas jumper becomes too scratchy.

Lord, he's itching already.

Pub 3: Excitement

No! We’ve all learned from last year.

His mate said he’d keep his hands to himself, you’ve promised not to cry and your boyfriend has sworn that Captain Morgan’s won’t pass his lips this year.

Pub 4: Joy

You’ve hit pub #4 and it couldn’t be going better! Festive cheer galore!

Would you look at his flushed cheeks, I want to kiss them off!

Pub 5: Drunkeness

You've made it to pub #5 and everyone’s getting into the spirit a little too enthusiastically.

You’ve seen him neck a Captains on the sly after he promised not to and you’ve already had a cry in the toilets with your bestie who’s home from Oz.

Pub 6: Further inebriation

You're halfway there and his mate is already making a move on your mate, but it’s not the same one as last year! 

Now, that’s just rude.

Pub 7: Complete intoxication

It's the 7th pub and the phrase ‘Get a room’ has been thrown at you and your other half for the first time in your lives.

What! Those bright red cheeks are just too sexy, dammit.

Pub 8: Frustration

So, you’ve hit pub #8.

You’ve already been heard trying to order a triple wine after yourself and himself had a furious, whispered ‘discussion’ in the corner of the pub because he forgot to clink your glass while saying ‘Cheers’.

Pub 9: Despair

This is where it truly starts to go downhill. You can’t find him in a sea of Christmas jumpers and he can’t find you in a sea of swaying girls wearing Christmas tree earrings.

You’re never going to make it out of here alive.

Pub 10: Anger

He PROMISED to wait for you outside every pub if you didn’t leave together and you PROMISED not to leave via the fire escape.

You’ve both failed on each count.

Pub 11: Elation

You’ve found him. He’s found you. You’re with all your friends, you’re celebrating the festive season and who cares that one of you has already puked?

Isn’t this what Christmas is all about?

Pub 12: Relief

You’ve done it! You’ve made it to pub #12 and you’re still in a relationship.

You think…



In the past, moving in together meant two people were crazy about each other and just one step away from walking down the aisle.

Today, couples move in together because of their finances rather than their feelings.

In a new study, over a million couples admitted to moving in with their partners earlier than anticipated.

Some decided to share a home just a month after they started going out while one in 12 bought a property with their other-half within six months.

According to home insurance expert Gareth Lane: “Many people appear to be moving in with their partners sooner than they anticipated, helping with the costs of living and future financial plans.”

We know money is the driving force for a lot of things, but we didn’t think moving in together was be one of them.

Romance, eh?