Sex-dolls are creepy by nature, but the ones created by Orient Industry are so realistic looking that they’d send chills down your spine.

The company takes custom orders from people, meaning they can choose bust size, hair clour, eyes and everything else. And the silicone they use apparently feels like actual skin.

Apparently the dolls (called ‘Dutch Wives’) cost more than £1,000 each, and they are a BIG hit.

A spokesperson from Orient Industry said: “The two areas we identified as really needing improvement were the skin and the eyes.

“We feel we have finally got something that is arguably not distinguishable from the real thing.”

Hmmm…we’re not sure about how much of a good thing it is for sex dolls to look like actual women. Could they be spreading the message that women are just sexual playthings – even more than the ridiculous looking sex dolls do?