Martyn Stewart, psychologist and author of the book Why Men Really Cheat reckons you can identify a ‘player’ by figuring out his personality type.

Stewart found that the main reasons men cheat is that they have a fear of missing out, they are looking for recognition or they’re looking for gratification- still no reason to cheat in our books!

Here’s how to spot a cheater before he acts out.

The lad’s lad
If he’s easily influenced by friends and a lover of booze, he’s most likely to cheat.

The manipulator
He’s calculating and quite sneaky. Keep an eye out for those.

The stupid mistake
You’ll hear the words ‘I wasn’t thinking’ from him a lot as he usually acts before he thinks.

The opportunist
He won’t let an opportunity pass him by – ever.

The disdainer
He is the classic misogynist who doesn’t have a care in the world for his girlfriend, but can easily sympathise with the woman he’s trying to get into bed.

Take it from the expert – if you see any of these characteristics in a man, steer clear.