Mean Girls is an iconic piece of cinematic brilliance, which shaped many of our teenhoods and has been played at many the sleepover.

The movie, with all it's amazing jabs and one-liners, actually taught us quite a few life lessons, which we have carried with us into our new lives of adulting. 

1. Women are more than their stereotype

Oftentimes, women can be pigeon-holed into certain stereotypes. 

From not being able to call yourself a feminist if you enjoy hip hop music, to being considered tasteless for liking certain cheesy novels, women are far more diverse than their apparent interest. 

Cady proves this with her mathematical prowess and her penchant for baby prostitute perfume. 

2. Don't allow societal norms to impact your perspective on your body

One of the most problematic instances in Mean Girls is the high value placed on Regina George's 'hot body.'

Once Cady strips her of this, she is seen as less desirable to her peers, and is even shunned for her fluctuating body weight. 

If MG taught us anything, it's to accept our body as it is, no matter how many or how few Kälteen bars it sees in it's lifetime. 

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3. It's okay not to get along with everyone

If Janis Ian taught us anything it's that being yourself, despite what other's think, is the most fulfilling things you can do for yourself. 

While Janis may have held a major grudge against Regina for the way she treated her, she never tried to conform to be anyone but herself. 

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4. Writing down your feelings can be therapeutic.

Yes, the Burn Book was cruel, negative, and ultimately used as a tool of destruction to dismantle the plastic hierarchy, but the cathartic elimination of bad vibes from your mind by putting them down on paper can seriously help. 

Some of the best bloggers out there started by simply putting their daily thoughts out there in a digital journal, so hashing out your issues in a structured way could be helpful. 

As long as you don't use Facebook as your diary, it's all G. 

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5. Velour tracksuits should never have a resurrection

We may have all rocked them in the 00s, but not even Regina George could pull off this look. 

Miniature Santa Clause costumes, on the other hand, belong in everyone's wardrobe. 

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