It was reported yesterday that Chris Brown's ex, Nia Guzman has accused him of giving their daughter asthma because she inhales second-hand smoke.

In Nia's case, she claimed that Chris smokes so much marijuana and cigarettes around Royalty, 1, that he has made her sick.

But, Chris is calling her out, and in a deleted Instagram post, said she just wants more money.

On the post, Chris wrote: "I quit cigarettes on New Years. NO ONE smokes around my daughter."

He also added that it's "obviously a play to get some sort of increased income," which we have to admit could be true since Nia is demanding a very steep rise – from $2,500 (€2,300) a month to $16,000 (€14,700). 

We can't see this fight calming down though, so expect more to come.