Scarlett Johansson has disregarded claims that playing a transgender character is problematic. 

The actor is set to star as Dante ''Tex'' Gill in Rub & Tug, a biopic about a transgender man who is also a crime boss.

The movie will take place in Pittsburgh’s underground sex work industry during the 1970's.

The reaction to this news across social media has been widely negative, with many being quick to condemn Scarlett for choosing to take on this role. 

Twitter lambasted Scarlett for taking roles away from people who are actually trans.

One Twitter user claimed that, ''Scarlett's been tone deaf on a heap of social issues,'' while another said, ''Scarlett Johansson…you should check your privilege. Also, and this goes for all casting directors, step up and break the cycle of misrepresentation.''

However, not everyone on Twitter was criticising her choice to play Dante. 

One said, ''it’s a movie!! Who cares, it’s a business!!'' while another user reiterated the fact that she is an actor who is simply doing her job. 

''There is no law that says only trans can portray a trans person in a film. Now f**k off with your insufferable moral grandstanding. Sincerely, A Trans-woman.'' 

Scarlett has responded to this accusations with her own statement to Bustle.

She said: ''Tell them that they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman's reps for comment."

This response has not been taken well by social media, with many calling it ''trash.'' 

''Clearly ScarJo doesn't’t give a sh*t about the trans community and wants her Oscar,'' one user tweeted.

Others still seem to see her point of view, with someone else pointing out, ''blame the casting director, not her.''

This movie will be the second time that Scarlett will have worked with director Rupert Sanders.

Their last film, Ghost in the Shell also faced major controversy. 

Scarlett was accused of whitewashing the Asian character that she played, which was based off of a Japanese manga character.

''I certainly would never presume to play another race of a person. Diversity is important in Hollywood, and I would never want to feel like I was playing a character that was offensive,'' she told Marie Claire last year.