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Many of us have travelled over to Somerset in the UK to attend the Glastonbury Festival – or 'Glasto' as most of us call it.

Through the years it has been renowned for having legendary acts and star-studded line-ups.

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According to Somerset Live, the music festival is changing its name when it moves to a new venue after it's 2018 gigs.

The owner and creator of the festival, Michael Eavis, shared the news during a radio interview today, and acknowledged that he's taking a "massive risk" changing the name and the location.

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So, when it moves away from Somerset, it'll be re-named The Variety Bazaar.

However, now Emily Eavis, the daughter of Michael has announced that The Variety Bazaar will be a completely different festival – separate from Glastonbury, which will resume in Somerset in 2020.

Lads, they're just making things awkward for us…



After the breakdown of her second marriage, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's name has become a major talking point.

Will she keep it, like she kept Cole? Or will she go back to her Tweedy roots?

Nope. Cheryl plans on using only her first name, just like Madonna and Adele.

The singer is planning to re-brand herself next month at the Global Gift Gala in Paris where her new title will be debuted.

A source told The Daily Mail: "Cheryl wants to wipe the slate clean and start afresh with a new name, now the divorce is going through. Things turned pretty nasty over the weekend, with both Cheryl and JB making comments on social media, so from here on in, she will just be known as Cheryl."

Do you think it will stick? Or will we have another debacle of Cheryl becoming angry because everyone is using the 'wrong' name? Only time will tell with this one…