From rainbow hair and glitter roots to baby bangs and balayage, 2016 was the year that Instagram hair trends took over.

With the likes of Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga changing up their tresses at the drop of a hat, out-there hair has never been hotter.

The latest trend breaking the Internet has got to be glow in the dark hair, with stylist to the stars Guy Tang championing the trend.


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The specialist do' is black light sensitive, illuminating under the lighting and making us seriously nostalgic for the days when glow sticks were an acceptable part of going-out attire.

The look is technically called 'phoenix hair' and is created with unique rainbow hair dye that will definitely resurrect your look from the ashes.

While a luminous look may not be for everyone, the glow is hidden without a black light, keeping it cool as well as crucially wearable.


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During the day, the look is still striking, and mimics colourful rainbow hair depending on the chosen shades. 

It's only under club lighting that the neon glow comes to life. Catching that lad's eye on the Coppers dance floor will be a cinch. 

Some people have taken to recreating the look using neon Sharpie pens, which FYI is not recommended, as the professional neon hair dye used by Tang is very tricky to get your hands on.

Tang recommends doing back-to-back bleaching to lighten the hair as much as possible before applying the kitsch colours.

Don't dismay if this look is officially your new  #hairgoals, alternative brand Arctic Fox, which is renowned for it's out-there colours, has just dropped a fluorescent shade called neon moon, perfect for a DIY glow in the dark hair project.