Just when you thought the Smith family couldn’t possibly cause more scandal – and definitely not in the space of 24 hours – these two things happened.

Willow kicked things off yesterday when she posted an Instagram snap of herself lying on a bed with a semi-naked 20-year-old man.

We all presumed that as parents Will and Jada would be worried/furious/appalled/etc when the picture emerged of the young teen with actor Moises Aria, but instead, things got weirder.

TMZ reported that the famous couple consider Willow to be “very mature” and once her decisions “don’t clearly cross the line,” they’re fine with what she does.

You think that picture crossed the line? Well Will and Jada actually see it as “an expression of art”.

After her parents failed to react to the snap, you’d think big brother Jaden would have something to say about the 20-year-old cuddled up with his 13-year-old sister.

Instead Jaden was photographed that evening grabbing dinner with the Hannah Montana actor.

Famous people – they really do live in their own world.