Being a twenty-something has changed a lot over the years.

For our parents, at 24,/25 they were engaged or married, with a house and a steady-ish job under their belts. Maybe they had even had us.

The 90s were a different era and some of our favourite childhood movies show that – take a beloved classic like The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan made her screen debut as twins who were separated as babies and each lived with one parent. 

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Cue 11 years later, they meet at camp and plan to get their folks back together.

But one thing stands in their way…their vineyard-owning dad has a gorgeous young fiancee.

When we were kids the villain of the movie was Meredith Blake, a perfectly coiffed and successful publicist who was set on marrying Nick Parker. 

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But now we're not ten anymore, things look…not as they seemed, let's just say.

Meredith is only TWENTY-SIX, has an unreal career, a killer wardrobe and is marrying a millionaire who is also a bit of a ride.

And we're sitting here with barely enough money to buy a coffee.

Meredith Blake had it all figured out and we are kinda in awe of her.

She knew what she wanted – a hot rich husband – and who are we to judge?

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It seems we're not the only ones with delayed admiration for her. 

When the flick hit its 20th anniversary in 2018, fans flocked to social media to sing Meredith's praises.

One said, ''The older I get, the more I relate to Meredith Blake. A child-free baddie with a career and a ring, what an icon.''

While another wrote, ''So, apparently Meredith Blake in Parent Trap is 26. I am currently 26. If any rich vineyard owners want to hit me up and get engaged, you have four months before my birthday.''

Lesson learned – Meredith is a queen and the older we get the more we want her to Nick and ship those brats off to Switzerland.