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Did you know that you will have approximately 450 menstrual cycles in your lifetime? What if we said we have the perfect supplement that can help you combat those nasty period symptoms that we all suffer through every month.

Triumph® Monthly Cycle Supplement is the only product in the world with changing formulations designed to support a woman throughout the three main phases of her monthly menstrual cycle.

“For years, through busy work and family lives we endured the ups and downs of our monthly menstrual cycles. Curious to find out what was putting us off balance and if we could find a natural solution, we set out on a path of discovery. There are three distinct phases to our menstrual cycles, each directly influencing our overall wellbeing.

"The more we talked to other women, the more we understood the need for a supplement that changed throughout the month. Triumph Monthly Cycle Supplement is a unique three-part programme containing PhaseBlend technology. Each blend has three different formulations of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support optimal health, balance and harmony,” explained co-founders Donna Ledwidge and Renée O’Shaughnessy.

This unique three-part monthly programme contains 30 sachets and 30 tablets with three different Phaseblend® formulations. The formulation in the sachets and tablets change three times as the monthly cycle progresses. Each different PhaseBlend® contains a proprietary Vfusion® complex combining over 35 essential botanicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to complement the menstrual, pre-ovulation and post-ovulation phases.

Triumph Monthly Cycle Supplement (€49.99) is a full menstrual cycle programme, one tablet and one sachet to be taken daily. Simply start the programme on day one of your period.


We all have experienced uncomfortable cramps when it comes to that time of the month, but for others it can be more than a little uncomfortable. Endometriosis can cause unbearable period pains and is actually more common than we realise.

If you are suffering from any of these four symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor.

Painkiller overload
If you are reaching your maximum daily painkiller intake but still can’t get relief from the pain there might be something a little more sinister going on.

Symptoms happen days or weeks before you get your period
It is not normal for cramping, diarrhoea or any other period pain to happen weeks before your time of the month.

You cancel things
Don’t just accept if you are cancelling nights out, calling in sick or being forced to stay in bed all day because of the pain, get it sorted and checked.

Going to the toilet hurts
If you notice that going to the toilet hurts a lot more during your period give your doctor a call.

There is no point enduring the pain when there might be another reason for it. Get it sorted, girl.