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Paul Walker’s girlfriend, Jasmine Pilchard Gosnell has been revealed to be attending grief counselling following her boyfriend’s tragic death in 2013.

Jasmine’s father, Casey revealed he had to put the 23-year-old in counselling, as she was unable to imagine a life without the actor, who died in a car crash five months ago.

“I have her in grief counselling. You have to understand that she is still terribly wounded by Paul’s death and will be for a long time.”

Jasmine has never spoken publically of Paul’s death but recently posted a worrying cryptic status on Facebook.

“I walk the streets of one.”

Jasmine met Paul when she was 16 but the 17 year gap was never a problem in their relationship. She was even a step-mom to Paul’s daughter, Meadow.

Casey said that Jasmine wasn’t ready to speak openly about Paul’s death or her relationship with him but after counselling, it could be a possibility.

“Maybe one day she’ll be ready to talk about Paul but she’s not there yet. She’s trying to deal with her loss – it’s been very hard for her. But she has her family and we’re trying to help and support her as much as we can.”



The custody battle  over Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow has taken an interesting turn, as Paul’s mother has agreed to hold off going to court, as long as Meadow’s mother promises to go to rehab.

Paul’s mother, Cheryl Walker went to court with Meadow’s mother, Rebecca Soteros this week.

Rebecca began court proceedings requesting custody of her daughter after The Fast and Furious star’s death last November.

Meadow moved to L.A. to live with Paul three years ago after her mother’s drinking problem worsened and got charged twice by the police for drinking under the influence.

Paul did state in his will that he wanted sole custody of his daughter to go to his mother. However, Cheryl has agreed to consider Rebecca’s custody demands, as long as she keeps her promise to go to rehab.

Meadow is still living with the Walker family, we just hope this gets sorted for Meadow’s sake.