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This is slightly cringy. Buzzfeed gave some people a map of Ireland and the UK, or 'the British Isles', and asked them to label which country is which. 

By now we were sure that us Irish had put our little Island on the map. Between Guinness and now our world famous Conor McGregor, but it seems we haven't done enough. Surprisingly, there was only one participant that labelled Ireland and Northern Ireland correctly. 

While one pair were attempting to figure out exactly where Ireland is, they asked something we're not sure that should ever have to be asked: "Wouldn't Northern Ireland and Ireland be connected to each other?" 

When asked about his knowledge on the UK, one person said, "I don't know a damn thing, I just know that's where my home-girls the Spice Girls are from"

Is this serious? We thought we were being punk'd watching this… 


Do you suddenly feel a fever coming on when someone sneezes on you on the bus? Do you refuse to kiss your boy when he’s got the sniffles and avoid that sickly martyr colleague like the plague?

Well, this app may be your dream come true!

The Sickweather app promises to calculate exactly how many people in the immediate area to you are ill – supposedly so you can then douse yourself in hand sanitizer and run for your life!

Sickweather culls its information from public Facebook statuses as well as tweets in which people moan about being sick.

Areas can also be monitored by type of illness – with users getting a map that shades in ‘high risk’ areas.

Users can click into one of the app’s categories to see where, in real time, people are suffering from a specific kind of illness around them.

The app also encourages ‘health accountability’, by letting people self-report an ailment – which is then added to the sick map.

Since launching in November, Sickweather has been named the ‘Best New App’ by Apple in the health and fitness category.

Its co-founder and CEO Graham Dodge helped launch a similar online map in 1998 that helped plot out crime activity.

We’re not sure if there’s any sure-fire way to escape away those nasty bugs, but it can’t hurt…right?