Make sure you're up with all the goss in the entertainment world with our Snapshot Catch-Up. This week on Wired where we round up all the telly goss, we look at diva attitudes on the X Factor and our panels mixed reactions on a certain contestants farewell. 

On the Line-Up, your weekly event guide, we set you dancing at the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival, keep you culture vultures happy with The Beatyard, throw in a taste of Halloween with the Thrillkenny Zombie Festival and much much more. 

On Pic 'n' Mix Niamh Geaney shows you what’s doing well in the box office and if it should be doing well, like this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick and lets you in on what to avoid.

In Spotlight this week we chat to Louise Thompson on fake accents, not always fancying your man and jealous Ex’s.