An online petition is gaining traction today, ahead of tonight's airing of an episode of Lucy Kennedy's Living with Lucy, featuring Katie Hopkins. 

The petition is aimed towards TV3, asking the broadcaster not to air the episode. 

Lucy Kennedy and TV3 faced criticism for choosing Katie for the episode, due to her controversial opinions. 

'Katie Hopkins actively promotes hate and racism and TV3 should not give her a platform for her hateful and outrageous views,' claims the petition. 

'TV3 must ensure that her views are not normalised.'

The petition so far has 798 of 800 signatures. 

'Racism and hate speech is dangerous and legitimises and provokes hate crime,' reads the petition manifesto. 

'Programmes such as Living With Lucy are designed not to critique or analyse the views of guests but to increase their popularity and familiarity with the general public.'

Katie Hopkins has called out the creator of the petition on Twitter.

A teaser trailer has also been released by TV3 ahead of the episode airing tonight, which shows Katie and Lucy in a disagreement. 

The episode is scheduled to air on TV3 at 10pm tonight.

TV3 has not yet responded to the petition.