It always makes things a little messy when your friends and your exes start showing an interest in one another. It tends to be one of those circumstances that is best avoided if at all possible.

As it turns out, those in Hollywood are not of the same thinking. While Britney Spears and Tiger woods are probably not BFFs per say, there has been an interesting development in the land of celebrity couples that puts the duo in the middle.

Olympic ski champion Lindsey Vonn called it quits and split with Tiger back in May, citing their “hectic lives” as being at the root of their issues.

The 30-year old has since been spotted twice with Charlie Ebersol, Britney Spears ex-boyfriend. You may remember him from that video posted on Instagram. It seemed like his efforts to get Britney back might impress her, but apparently not.

Instead he has been spotted at the US Open alongside the Olympic athlete. While apparently the two are being very careful not to seem too cozy, a source revealed to Page Six:

“When they thought people weren’t looking, Lindsey and Charlie were very close… they were hanging on each other and had the spark of a new relationship.”

Lindsey took to Facebook in May to announce her split from Tiger writing: “Tiger and I have mutually decided to end our relationship… He and his beautiful family will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Charlie meanwhile supposedly thought Britney could have been ‘the one’. There were rumours earlier this year the couple were engaged.

Probably a good thing Brit isn’t a tennis fan then, because we reckon running into one ex was probably enough for the pair. Tiger was also at the Open last week, with his daughter Sam. It is a small world after all.