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Former Eurovision winner Linda Martin isn't setting her sights high for Nicky Byrne's competition entry.

The 68-year-old slammed the song, Sunlight, and said she doesn't believe the ex Westlife singer has it in him to win. 

Not to be too mean, Linda said that he'll almost get there… but not quite.

"I have heard Nicky and I wish him the very best… I think we will make it out of the semi-final but I don't think we'll win," she told the Herald.

"I have only seen Nicky's song – I haven't heard or seen anybody else's song so I'm a little bit behind things this year."

We're not sure what she means by "seen the song," but sure here's hoping Nicky will go far for us this year. 



Finally something interesting happens on The Late Late Show!

Things nearly ended in a physical fight during last night’s Eurosong competition between Louis Walsh, Linda Martin and Aslan’s Billy McGuinness.

After Billy called the competition a fix due to Louis’ association with two of the acts, Linda marched into the audience to confront the Aslan musician and things got so heated, Tubridy was forced to step in between them.

You have to watch it.