Over the last few days the folks at TG4 managed to stir up some controversy when they tweeted an interesting ad for ladies football.

The image is one of a female GAA player holding a football to her body that makes it appear that she is pregnant.

In the two days since it was first posted by the TG4 account there has been a massive response on Twitter and divided opinion on the endorsement of the upcoming game.

The text accompanying the image reads: “The most important nine months of a woman’s life.”

The ad has made its way in front of the public and has not been removed from the account despite the controversy surrounding it.

Many people online are unimpressed with how the ad represents the sport. Some are calling it “disgraceful” while others are not happy with women being reduced to “baby making machines”.

Speaking to TodayFM spokesperson for the Ladies Gaelic Football Association Derek Kinnevey said that the ad was never supposed to be released as it had been rejected in 2009. However they are looking at the publicity it has generated in a positive light. The hope is that the ad will “translate into focus on the field”.

According to Derek, the poster was "never meant to be seen by the public," though he added that "there’s no point in hiding from it now. It has generated a huge amount of discussion around ladies’ football and womens’ sports.”

The DailyEdge.ie reports that “this particular image was one of the ones that didn’t make the cut,” while the Ladies Gaelic Football Association also added they have a good relationship with TG4.

Many online commentators have noted how the ad has certainly generated conversation surrounding women’s sports but by drawing attention to motherhood they are reinforcing gender stereotypes.

As of yet TG4 have not commented on the ad’s appearance on social media or the debate surrounding the image online. 

Dublin player Sinéad Finnegan is one of those in support of the ad and has retweeted the ad on her own account. 

 What do you think of the ad? Should it be removed?