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Remember the last time you were forced to justify your choice of knickers to a member of your community?

Yeah, us neither, but that's exactly what happened to 65-year-old Rozamund Perrin when she dared hang her underwear out to dry… in full view of a primary school in Stokeinteignhead, Devon.

We know, we can barely believe her cheek either.

Taking to Facebook to highlight the incident, Rozamund's daughter, Charlotte, explained that her mother had returned home to find her underwear pushed through the letterbox along with a note written by someone with absolutely no chill.

"It is total inapropriate for this type of garment ti be displayed opposite the village primary school," they raged. "There are member of this community that would welcome a halting of this." (sic)

Sharing an image of the 'offending' garment alongside the handwritten note online, Charlotte wrote: "Seriously the small minded , prudishness of this village is UNBELIEVABLE!"

"My mum found this note & her knickers posted through the door this morn ….didn't know there was a law against hanging your knickers on the line?? The prude can't spell either."

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is with Rozamund and Charlotte on this one, with one writing: "Such scandalous behaviour: wearing knickers, washing knickers and then drying knickers on the line. Tut tut."

"Oh my god, I can't believe they took them of the line!!! Let alone a letter!!! What a tw*t" added another.

No seriously, what is this life? 



It's hardly an activity that everyone would be comfortable with (to say the least) – but some women are making hundreds every month, simply by selling-off their used underwear. 

Indeed, the likes of pantydeal.com, which describes itself as a "market for used panties," facilitates both buyers and sellers – and says it's busier than ever.

"How would you like to make good money from worn panties with a resale value that is far higher than the original price?" the US-based website asks.

"The product requires no extra marketing, manufacturing or storage space – just wear your panties as normal and then sell them for a substantial profit to one of our fun loving, adult panty sniffers."

And now one advocate of the practice has spoken candidly to the New York Post, explaining why she first got involved. 

"It all started in January 2015, after I damaged my shoulder helping a friend move. 

"I had to give up my waitress jobs because I could no longer hold the trays. Another server confided that she occasionally sold her underwear for cash. I was intrigued."

The unnamed businesswoman, who is single, currently charges a fixed price of €13.50 per pair of knickers or tights.

That includes 48 hours of wear. Additional days of wear are available at €4.50 per day, though she'll only go up to four days in total.

The young woman says she buys her underwear in bulk for just 25c a pair so she makes about €55 a week profit, a sum "which helps pay my share of the utility bills".

She explains: "My first deal went like a dream.

"A guy messaged me about a pair of panties he’d seen on my page. He wanted me to wear them for 24 hours, and to not masturbate in them (most men actually want you to do that).

"He paid me via PayPal within 20 minutes, and I shipped the undies off via USPS in a Ziploc bag and a discreet brown envelope."

She continues: "The more info you share about yourself, the more popular your products, and the more you can charge.

"There’s no way I would show my face, because it’s not worth jeopardising a future career.

"But I will send buyers a digital picture of myself – waist-down only – wearing the panties they’ve bought."


No one really likes trying on intimate items in a shop – God knows who’s been trying it on before you – but we take some comfort in the little protective strip that is meant to protect us from germs.

Not anymore.

Philip Tierno, a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University’s School of Medicine has conducted research on the matter, and he found out that swimsuits, underwear and other intimate items were covered in skin, fecal and respiratory tract bacteria, and worst of all? Vaginal organisms like yeast.

He also found that the classiness of the shop doesn’t matter, it’s the skimpiness of the knickers that really makes the difference. Apparently, the skimpier the underwear, the more likely women are to take off their own knickers to try it on.

However, Tierno says: “The good thing is that most people have a very robust immune system, so they can usually fight off the small number of organisms they may get on their body. The fact that you come into contact with one doesn’t mean you’re going to get sick.”

If you want to make sure you DEFINITELY don’t get sick from going on the hunt for the perfect bikini, Tierno says there are some things you can do:

  • Keep your knickers on! And wash it when you get home.
  • Wash your swim suit or underwear after you’ve bought it – even if the protective strip is still on it.
  • Wash your hands after trying on the intimates.