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In case you don't remember Aaron Carter (brother of Nick), he was essentially the 90s embodied; a teen singing heartthrob with questionable blonde hair who sang about candy.

Yes, he's the young boy who sang I Want Candy, and yet continued to have a career.

He's still performing nowadays with a new album, but he frequently serves clapbacks to his online haters through his Twitter account, and this time it was all about adolescent male singers.

According to Carter, he "paved the way" for Justin Bieber's fame, and was never given any credit for it. Hmm, I know we have some thoughts on this matter.

Seems a little self-absorbed to us, but what was even more surprising was Justin Bieber's response.

Seeing as Carter, now 30, claimed that singers such as Jesse McCartney and J.Biebs never "gave him homage", you'd think they'd be annoyed at this comment, but Bieber actually backed him up on this.

Justin tweeted: "Aaron Carter, I had your album when I was little. And bumped the song Aaron's Party. I was like 7, if you need a hype man i got you." Well, colour us surpised.

 Their conversation continued in a pretty friendly manner, and maybe Carter had a point.

He never reached the level of success which Justin Bieber achieved, but did he begin the era of teenage boys singing absolute bops to teenage girls?

So it's true, Aaron Carter was one of Justin Bieber's inspirations, and then Justin Bieber's new tunage inspired Aaron Carter's new album, LøVë. 

Consider us confused and amused.

Image: Pedestrian TV

There's no doubt that late 1990s teen singer Jesse McCartney was influenced by Aaron Carter too, I mean the Beautiful Soul singer literally resembles his twin.

What do you think, was Aaron Carter just being a slightly bitter lemon that he never got the same attention, or did he pave the way for The Biebs?

We, for one, are glad this didn't turn into a spat. 

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After such a long string of scandals involving Justin Bieber recently, it would be easy to forget that the star faced jail time earlier this year following his arrest for drunk driving.

The singer was apprehended by police in January after he was spotted racing a rented Lamborghini at high speeds, reportedly smelling of alcohol. Breathalyser tests showed his blood alcohol level to be under the legal limit, but further tests proved the star had traces of marijuana and Xanax in his system.

Justin seems to have avoided a spell in jail this time around though, with his lawyers expected to accept a guilty plea on his behalf later today.

Rather than serving time, the chart-topping young star will be required to attend 12 hours of anger management classes and also to make a donation of $50,000 to charity.

Just last month the wild child was placed on two years’ probation after he was charged with egging and vandalising a neighbour’s house. Grow up, Biebs!